Getting back to the movies is definitely a TEAM-EFFORT, and you’re a part of that TEAM!


Premiere is 100% committed to being a shining example of how a business should reopen and follow all local, state and federal recommendations. Our cinemas have undergone extreme sanitization procedures which is ongoing during our operations. Our Premiere Teams and Guests are also following correct social distancing and safety procedures to ensure everyone’s visit to the movies is great every time. Certain procedures may change based on guidelines during this time so please take a moment to check in with your friendly local Premiere Team members upon arrival and we’ll give you all the latest up-to-date information to maximize your enjoyment at the movies.  Please note the following procedures for movie-going.  Please note that from this point on, masks for guests are now OPTIONAL. 




Premiere Cinemas is proud to partner with NATO (National Associate of Theatre Owners) and almost 400 other Movie Theatre Companies in abiding by the #CinemaSafe Protocols. For more info, please click the Cinema Safe Icon Below. 








HAND WASHING - All our Premiere Teams thoroughly wash their hands at least every half-hour and gloves are changed frequently. Hand-sanitizers are on-site for guests use as well, so please use them when coming and going just as a precaution to help us keep things pristine.





CLEANING & DISINFECTING OF HIGH CONTACT SURFACES - Premiere Teams are disinfecting surfaces continuously using EPA-approved sanitization products. This includes double-checking restrooms and other areas thoroughly. Deep-cleaning is done on our theatre seat surfaces in auditoriums regularly throughout the day. We want to be known as the cleanest place in town so please help us by discarding your own trash in lobbies and after the movies to help ensure this for our next guests.




SOCIAL DISTANCING - Premiere Teams use floor decals to help guests maintain respectable distances from each other (typically between 3' and 6’); you’ve probably already seen these at the grocery store and elsewhere, so please observe them at the cinema also. These will help designate guest-spacing for concessions kiosks, etc. If you don’t see a marker, maintain your own sense of responsible social-distancing by keeping a safe distance from others so everyone gets their personal space.





STAY HOME IF SICK - This applies to both Guests and Staff. Don’t go out in public if you are feeling in any way sick, coughing, sneezing, feverish, or have other cold, flu or virus-like symptoms, it’s not worth risking exposing yourself or anyone else, stay home if you’re not feeling well. Premiere Teams can’t work if they have any symptoms or feel the least bit ill, they’re screened on all shifts to ensure you’re greeted by healthy teams at the movies. Medical releases are required and temperatures checked before shifts to ensure compliance. An occasional dry throat can lead to a cough or sneeze, but always cover your                            face with a mask, or cough into your elbow over your mouth, as this can go a long way towards basic courtesy to others and                           personal hygiene.   





MASK UP - Our Premiere Teams will be masked-up. Guests are encouraged to wear masks in lobbies, restrooms and common areas and while watching their movie, but these recommendations are optional for guests at this point. It’s just courtesy and shows others you are a part of the bigger team all vowing to interact together to get through this. Premiere staff will be wearing gloves as well when cleaning or performing other functions as a further practice for cleanliness and sanitizing.






GUESTS ENTERING - Before attending, ask yourself this simple question: “Have you had any symptoms in the past 14 days such as fever, chills, dry cough or been exposed to anyone who has?” If the answer is “yes”, please stay home a few more days to get past that recommended period. Guests also be prepared and expecting to be asked this same question when entering the theatre or other public places, it’s in both your interest and the interest of others, so please respect this rule while in place during reopening. Wearing of masks by guests is required when entering any Premiere property. 





ONLINE TICKETING - For convenience, you should always purchase your tickets on line in advance on our website. This avoids lines and delays at the cinema, and in recliner-theatres, lets you select and reserve your own seats which will be waiting for you in VIP fashion upon your arrival.







MENUS - You might also notice limited menu items during this time; this is for both convenience of service and to ensure safe food-handling protocols by limiting the number of food-prep items.





SELF SERVE/REFILLS - Guests love Premiere’s self-serve refills and THEY'RE BACK! Keep an eye out for menu adjustments as these will be made on a location by location basis.  If you need a new container for your refill, we can provide replacement cup, bag or tub for 1/2 price. 




FOOD SERVICE - Pagers and other food-related items are all sanitized between use, that’s normal anyway, but enhanced further by policy now. You may notice disposable one-use menus, please discard these after using.









SOCIAL DISTANCING - For reserved-seating theatres, our software has been adjusted to provide seat selection following state guidelines.


Premiere Teams may monitor and ask you to relocate to achieve such distancing practices so please respect these conditions and be prepared to relocate if asked, it’s for our mutual compliance and in everybody’s best interests.


As restrictions are relaxed, automatic buffering of seats next to parties will start to be eliminated. Don't worry, you can still skip a seat when reserving your tickets online or in store. 



FOLLOW THE RULES.  Attending the movies is as fun as ever, so please respect temporary rules in place and staff working hard to enforce them. As always, unruly or uncooperative guests shouldn’t attend, and will be kicked out without a refund, so don’t be one of those! Enjoy your movie, stay courteous of everyone around you, and remember we’ll all have a great time at the movies together.





We are excited to share our bowling and arcade centers with our PREMIERE guests. In order to achieve social distancing during this time, every other lane will be closed during operational hours. No more than 6 per lane will per permitted. Inactive lanes must be left empty (no sitting at these lanes). Each guest will be limited to one bowling ball. When you finish using your ball, leave it at the lane and an associate will come by and sanitize and return the ball for you. An associate will be stationed to help you pick just the right ball to roll down the lane and sanitize any touched balls. At this time all bowling is reservations only. Call 205-814-7500 for reservations ($15.00 deposit is required at the time of reservation)


Arcade is opened but at a limited capacity. All guests using the games must wear gloves (provided). Games have been spaced to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 



Thank you, and enjoy the show!




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