Dear Guests,

We love movies and we know you do too! To keep this great American tradition great like always, please join us in some simple steps to ensure everyone’s safety in our communities, especially during these times of heightened awareness of colds, flu and viruses. 


If you’re feeling good, come see us and let us entertain you! It’s our favorite thing to do. But if you’re sick with cold-like symptoms, do yourself and everyone a favor and stay home, drink your fluids, get some rest, don’t over-exert yourself, see a doctor, and limit your interaction in public places until you’re better. And by all means come see us then and let us entertain you! 


Premiere has been proactive taking extra precautions including deep-cleaning and disinfecting our locations more frequently than ever including sanitizing of surfaces and auditoriums so that when you arrive, your seat will be clean, fresh and ready for you every time. We’re washing our hands at least hourly and have installed convenient hand sanitizers also, so use them when you come and go or as often as you like, it’s just good habit regardless of flu or virus season. 


We’ve been serving guests since 1985 and enjoy our role being responsible community partners. Rest assured Premiere does all things possible to earn your trust and patronage when you choose to see a movie. We are you,you are us, and we are all together in this, and together we can make life better for all. Thank you for joining us in this efforts, and we’ll see YOU at the MOVIES!