Who ever said change was a bad thing hasn’t been to Lubbock’s newly renovated Premiere
Cinemas & IMAX. If the word “WOW” wasn’t in your vocabulary before, it will be now!
The Premiere has recently undergone a multi-million dollar revamp, with huge comfortable
leather luxurious electric recliner-style seats in all auditoriums! Every seat features its own swivel table
so guests can enjoy in-theatre dining. Every seat has an electric motorized pillow headrest so guests can
customize their viewing angle for maximum comfort and enjoyment. And every seat has a personal USB
port for guest convenience.

Recliner seating is not the only thing to enjoy. Premiere has just installed new Reclining D-BOX
seats in multiple auditoriums, which move you to the movie in a plush personalized environment and
make you feel like you’re actually in the movie. Recliner D-BOX is a Premiere exclusive in West Texas, so
Lubbock is the only place you can experience them in this part of the state.

Customers are also raving about the upgrades at concession and food service. Not only does
Premiere feature its own in-lobby bar and Starbucks café, guests can now treat themselves to all-you-
can-eat popcorn with self-serve dispensers, and all-you- can-drink ICEE and soft drinks from our
computerized touch-screen fountain system, where a touch of a bottom gives you control over
hundreds of flavor combinations, including the ability to mix, or add cherry, vanilla or lemon to your
favorite drink.

Premiere Cinema 16 & IMAX is Lubbock’s only locally-owned, locally-operated family movie
theatre that’s vested in West Texas, and committed to providing the best movie experience to our
friends and neighbors. Creating memories that go beyond the movie screen is what makes our family’s
movie-going adventure an event every time.

Eat, Shop, and Entertain at Lubbock’s one and only Premiere Cinema at South Plains Mall!