Celebrate with Premiere!!


Although no one really knows when the first official “National Popcorn Day” was, We ALL love celebrating it! Scientifically known as “Zea Mays Everta”, popcorn has been the staple snack for millions of Americans ever since the technology for microwave ovens was created by the Raytheon Manufacturing Corporation during World War II.


Before microwave ovens, Charles Cretors popped corn with steam and sold it on the streets of Chicago. Years later, Glen W. Dickson was the first to place poppers in movie theatres and the rest is history!


And no one loves POPCORN more than Premiere Cinemas!! So on Friday, January 19th, when you purchase a large drink you will receive a FREE small/ regular popcorn!!


Each of you…do your part and contribute to the 13 BILLION quarts of popcorn eaten by Americans every year! We’ll see you Friday, January 19th for FREE popcorn!