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December 13, 2015 - Everywhere
Star Wars Fever hits Light Speed

While a lot of fans are eagerly awaiting the Premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theatres this week, some have taken the  anticipation to new heights.  

"We are hearing from folks around Albuqerque and Rio Rancho who have their tickets but are calling to ask about arriving early," reports Rio Rancho Premiere Director Sandy Dodson. Characters from the movie have already begun making appearance at Premiere Cinemas and getting lots of advance press coverage. "I'd say the excitement has reached light speed around here!" 

At Lubbock Premiere, Director Rudy Leal reports fans have contacted the theatre wanting to camp out at the mall before the world premiere. The South Plains Mall has issued a statement that fans can't camp out at the mall the night before the movie due to security concerns, however fans may begin arriving as early as they want each day of their ticket date. The Lubbock theatre is only one of a handful of theatres in the state where Star Wars is showing in four different formats, 2D, 3D, D-BOX and IMAX. 

In El Paso where Star Wars is also showing in four formats, advance ticket sales have gone "through the roof" according to information provided by Donavan Manchester, area Director. "Being the only theatre in El Paso inside a mall we expect thousands of fans to be arriving early for the next couple of weeks to eat, shop and hang out before they see the movie, it's a big advantage to being in a mall environment." Premiere is the only place to experience Star Wars in IMAX and IMAX 3D in the El Paso area.

Premiere theatres from Bryan-College Station, Temple, Texas, Orlando, Florida and beyond are all reporting record advance sales for the eagerly-anticipated Star Wars rollout. "We are ready for the storm," says Dan Lundquist, Director at Eastern Shore Premiere near Mobile, Alabama, speaking of more than just storm-troopers. Mr. Lundquist and his team built an authentic-looking scale model of the TIE Fighter gracing the Premiere lobby at the Eastern Shore Center on I-10 which has been photographed so far by hundreds of movie-goers and counting.

"The interest is really at a fever pitch," added Jennifer Mote, an Associate Director at Premiere's Burleson Cinema just south of Ft. Worth. "We've stocked up everything and staffed up to make sure we are taking care of everyone. Our staff is as excited as our customers are!"

The force is definitely alive and awakens this Thursday at a Premiere new you!