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February 03, 2016 - Bessemer, AL
Premiere Director Wilson Receives Bessemer Person of the Year Honor

Bessemer, AL -

The Bessemer Western Star newspaper has named Premiere Cinema Director Shaun Wilson with the distinctive honor as its Person of the Year in the Bessemer/McCalla, Tannehill area near Birmingham, AL. 

Matt Bryant, Editor and Publisher of the Western Star said his readers singled out Mr. Wilson as an outstanding leader in the community and just all-around caring individual. Mr. Bryant writes the following in his tribute: "If you've ever been to this movie theatre, then you most likely have met Shaun while you were there, but it's not his customer service or his remarkably clean cinema that has him as our Person of 2015. It was our readers who expressed their love for Shaun and brought our attention to this "gentle giant" of a man who serves our community so well.  We have heard stories on how he used his position as "Captain" to lead by example and how he has let everyone know the "Captain" is only as good as his crew. This is amazing (and evident) by how neat and clean the theatre is. Shaun, thank you for caring about our city. You make it a better place. You have done so much great in the community, and none of it has gone unnoticed, and you have grown to become a pillar in this community. Your smiles and hand shakes have been noticed, and it is all the times you go way beyond what your job description is that makes you the "gentle giant" our community loves. People travel past other movie theatres to visit the Tannehill Cinema. They do this because they know it's always a quality movie experience. They do this because of Shaun and his amazing staff. They do this because Shaun does what is right, and he wants our community to be a safe and wonderful place. He holds himself responsible for the two hours you spend at the movies, and he wants those two hours to be as memorable as possible."

Shaun serves on the board of the local YMCA and has been active in many worthwhile area projects benefitting others.

The Western Star newspaper was established in 1984 and is published weekly. It serves the areas of Bessemer, Hueytown, Hoover, Pleasant Grove, Midfield and Fairfield.

Premiere salutes Shaun Wilson of Bessemer, Alabama, thank you for your commitment to the community, and to making the movie-going experience great for your local guests.