Tonight, six Hispanic organizations held an early kick-off to the month-long observance of Hispanic Heritage Month with a collective Hispanic Heritage Month Reception.
"Our inaugural theme is United for Our Future," said Christy Martinez-Garcia, event organizer and founder of Los Hermanos Familia.
She said that rather than have individual events, she reached out to five other organizations and suggested they hold a collective event to kickoff Hispanic Heritage Month, which will be observed September 15 to October 15th.
As such the event was sponsored collectively by Los Hermanos Familia, Hispanic Association of Women, Raiders Rojos, the Lubbock Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Fiestas del Llano, Inc., and LULAC Council #263.
Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) is celebrated annually to acknowledge the history, culture, and contributions of Americans whose ancestry can be traced to over 20 countries in Latin America, including Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.
A calendar of Hispanic Heritage Month events can be viewed at
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