November 22, 2022 - Texas-based Premiere Cinemas brings state-of-the-art cinema complex to Texas City in 2023


As Hollywood continues mounting its long-awaited rebound and return-to-the-movies, JMK5 Holdings’ Mainland City Centre in Texas City is thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of the all-new Premiere LUX Cine’ 12. Premiere Cinemas is bringing its finest to area moviegoers with luxury lounge seating, expanded food and beverage menus, and state-of-the-art laser projection systems, in an entirely redesigned cinema environment.


Pearland-based Special Ops Director, Martin Watson, said he was thrilled when Premiere was asked to re-imagine the regional cinema which closed shortly after the pandemic. “Mainland was a staple for a lot of us growing up in the area, but it was definitely due for a major overhaul. Today’s audiences are a lot more-discriminating; they want a clean, comfortable upscale experience they can’t replicate at home, but they want good value too, and Premiere merges those.”  


Premiere’s lobby is fully guest-interactive, featuring bottomless self-serve all-you-can-eat/drink popcorn, sodas and ICEEs frozen beverages, Dippin Dots, and even an entire wall of self-serve adult drinks for the over-21 set, who can pour their own draft beer, wine and margaritas from Premiere’s impressive total beer-wall system. Says Mr. Watson, “There’s something uniquely-satisfying about layering your own butter on real theatre popcorn. And the fun part about our lobby beer wall is that you can sample local and regional brews or enjoy a national best-seller while watching the movie, there’s really something for everyone and every taste.”


Truly, almost everything about the Texas City Premiere is new, from the screens, sound and projection systems, to the lobby, kitchen and interactive concession areas.:


* Luxurious electric recliner-seats with individual dine-in tables;
* The latest technological advances including high-output laser projectors;
* Easy reserved-seat ticketing both onsite and online at,, and other popular websites;
* A full kitchen where chefs serve up delicious food and beverages, including Chef Jimmy Levinson’s Gourmet Burgers and Pizza Pub, which some claim are the best anywhere!  
* And, private auditorium rentals for parties and memorable corporate events.


Premiere’s Houston-based VP of Operations, Joel Davis, says Texas City’s new laser projectors are themselves a very big deal, and literally represent the future of movie presentation. “Watching a movie in laser is so much better because it spreads the light more evenly than conventional systems. Everything’s sharper, crisper, better contrast, you feel like you could be literally right there inside the movie with the actors.”


As to pricing, audiences will have a lot to love according to Mr. Davis. “It’s completely upscale, but you’re going to get real value also in terms of ticket and concession pricing, with free refills and discounted price points at various times throughout the week. While we want to be known as a great place to enjoy the movies, we also want to be known as offering an exceptional value for the whole family for an affordable out-of-home movie experience.”


Premiere’s founder and CEO Gary Moore opened his first cinema in a small West-Texas town before growing the company into one of the country’s largest regional cinema circuits which today entertains millions of movie-goers annually across six states, but the company still operates with small-town values. “I definitely think when you grow up in a small place where everybody knows you, you get an entirely heightened sense of personal accountability to your customers,” said Mr. Moore. “You see the same people attending over and over, but you have to give them good reasons to want to keep coming back, you can’t just expect it. Our goal for Texas City isn’t just to open another cinema, or have the nearest cinema, we want to be your favorite cinema.”  


The new Premiere LUX Cine’ 12 at the Mainland City Centre, located at 10000 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway in Texas City just off I-45 South, is set to open in Q1-2023. For information, showtimes, tickets or to sign up to become a Premiere Insider, visit and watch for updates on the grand opening coming soon.