The sisters of St. Felix Pantry started out of a garage serving the homeless Thanksgiving dinners over 27 years ago. 
Just a few years in, they outgrew their space. They then reached out to local businesses for help, this is when Mr. Garza stepped in 23 years ago. Julian Garza owns 13 local McDonalds in the area. He purchased a building behind one of their Rio Rancho McDonald's locations and donated the building to the Pantry. At the same time he offered the use, of this particular McDonalds, to be used for the annual Thanksgiving tradition of feeding the hungry.
As time passed, this became more than they could handle by themselves.
Julian Garza reached out to Rio Rancho local businesses for much needed assistance with the serving of the food. This will be Rio Rancho Premiere's 3rd year participating with our Director, Sandy, and her family representing Premiere Cinemas. We worked along side the Mayor, Police Officers, Fireman, Volunteers from the local Animal Shelter, members of the chamber of commerce and many others.