Recently, Orlando Premiere hosted an event which supports an organization against bullying called Amrak.
Amrak shines light on the darkness that is bullying, but doesn't just seek to heal the victim, but the antagonist as well.
Amrak representative Sean Roberts stated, "Amrak is an anti-bully organization designed to build up individuals who have been bullied. It not only lifts up the victims, but the kids who are doing the bullying as well. Both individuals are struggling, so we encourage them by focusing on the positive gifts God has given them. We help people by allowing them to be in film projects, music videos and projects around the community to show others what you can achieve if you believe and know that you matter."
The Amrak film premiere focused on a story of a bully who has personal issues going on at home. His father drinks, does drugs and abuses everyone around him. This causes pain for the kid who later resorts to bullying. He is being bullied at home and doesn’t know how to deal with his pain so he takes it out on someone at school. Most would rush to be angry at the bully, but the girl who is victimized forgives him and shows him a kind gesture. The film was shown to display forgiveness and how others may be acting out when they're suffering. 
At Premiere, we love supporting the life-changing organizations within our community and we're proud to be part of this event for Amrak.