It was "Lights, Camera, Action" during the RE-Grand Opening of the Premiere LUX Cine 14 in Burleson, TX on Tuesday, August 7th.
Premiere Directors, Cast & Crew rubbed elbows with the local Chamber of Commerce during the big event! "Our facility has gone through one of the most amazing transformations," Theatre Director Mike Harris said during the Chamber ribbon cutting. "The attention to detail has been second to none!" Harris exclaimed.
Movie guests were treated to free shows of "The Land Before Time", "The Greatest Showman" and "Miracles From Heaven" based on the true to life story of a local from the area. Free popcorn and drinks were served and Chick-Fil-A catered in chicken sandwiches for the first 200 guests.
The Burleson Premiere LUX Cine 14 underwent a massive upgrade over the past few months. All of the Reclining Love Seats in the building were upgraded to our state of the art Luxury Recliners complete with fully adjustable recline, head adjustment, swivel tray for your movie snacks and even a USB charging port so you can juice up your phone for use AFTER the movie.
The concession stand was upgraded with Premiere's State of the Art Self Serve concession machines. "Now, all popcorn, drink and ICEE is completely refillable FOR FREE during the entire length of your movie" Harris mentions. "What a great way to spend an afternoon!"
The lobby is now home to a bank of quick service kiosks where guests can select their seat before heading to the concession stand as well complete with hand scanners where you can scan the tickets directly off your phone!
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