Vengeance (R)

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Ben Manalowitz is an aspiring New York podcaster in search of a story. When the body of a woman he'd been hooking up with is discovered in a West Texas oil field, he stumbles onto exactly the sort of true-crime tale that could make his career. Launching an investigation into her death in collaboration with high-powered producer, the confident Ben finds himself in over his head attempting to navigate a wildly unfamiliar culture. As he grows unexpectedly close to the young woman's eccentric family and encounters figures like the enigmatic music producer Quentin Sellers, he's forced to confront his own shortcomings and preconceptions. At the same time, he's drawn into an ill-considered plot to avenge the crime.


Comedy /Suspense/Thriller
July 29th, 2022


B.J. Novak
Issa Rae
Ashton Kutcher
Boyd Holbrook
J. Smith-Cameron


B.J. Novak


B.J. Novak