True to the Game 3 (R)

Poster for True to the Game 3


TRUE TO THE GAME III picks right up where True 2 left us. Gena's awakes to find that her mysterious savior is actually Quadir whom she thought was dead. Before happily ever after, Quadir gives Gena 72 hours to go back to Philly to check on Bria and Gah Git and let them know of her plans. The stakes are at an all-time high as the feds are putting the pieces together and the streets are scorching hot with a pair of crooked cops; Detective Joe Davis and Detective Mike Grant puts the squeeze on any and everybody they can catch, with their own motive, MONEY. Saleem hasn't been able to reach Jerrell and the pressure is mounting as someone from the crew is snitching. Who will stay True to the Game?


Drama /Romance
December 3rd, 2021


Columbus Short
Vivica A. Fox
Erica Peeples
Darius McCrary
Jeremy Meeks


David Wolfgang


Jeff Robinson, Halley